First Aid and Shoeless Joe Jackson......

Published on 12 August 2015 to Blog


Its different!

Weird that first aid is so unique isn’t it? In the UK we are told that we must spend a minimum amount of time in a classroom to learn about first aid. Loads of death by PowerPoint interspaced with bits of practical. Who does this serve? Learners? It will suit some but some evidence recently that anyone below the age of 35 will never have not known about a PC. Indeed even PCs are passé with up to 35% of all internet searches now done by smartphones or other mobile devices.

Many subjects are taught by blended learning. Advanced Life Support, CPR, Offshore first aid, teacher training lots and lots of practical facing skills. So why not first aid?

It must be taught in dusty church halls by chaps in uniform with tea and jam sandwiches thrown in. 

Suits you sir?

Not for young people thank you very much. The children of the information revolution learn and live on line. It is an ecosystem. Perhaps too much online (as a parent!)

So why do we say people can learn what to do online and then practice that with someone who can tell them if they are doing it right then coach them if not. Bad! It is heresy. That will mean that more people have the skills..

It will mean an instructor can’t go off piste and give his own individual spin on guidelines (they are only evidence based after all). Conformity is death of the church hall as we know it. Jam or no jam

Picture this.

A vibrant church hall filled with people who have learned about how to fix a wobbly heart from a video having a go with a pale doll under the wistful eye of the instructor who used to wear a nice uniform and spent much more time with them telling his war stories (nothing wrong with that)

Oh dear am i a profit of doom? No misspellings here. The profits of doom are 'professionally worried' that they won’t know that the callow youth actually did learn about the wobbly heart from an apple (?) or eye phone(?)...eye? eh? (not mispelled once more)

The fact that they did is pure luck according to the profits of doom. No psycho motor here they say. 


In the new world people have built it and they have come. Shoeless Joe Jacksons given another chance on the Field of Dreams. Over paid, over sexed but over here. North Americans. It seems once again that the North Americans are coming to the help of the British in fighting for freedom and democracy in life saving! First aid online then less time in a classroom. Out there. Done. Litigation bar lower too. So why arent the large boys allowing us to play in the field of dreams. Prophets of doom worried about profits? Hmmmmm.

Hurrah. Prophets be damned (still no mispelling). Shoeless Joe will play again and wink in the eye of the brutish pitcher! Lets treat!

We shall not be denied entry of our thousands of wonderful vibrant, passionate learners to the Field of Dreams in First Aid. Never!

But fewer chaps in uniform they say: however, they will scale the barriers...

Ease their pain......No...No.....More folk will join the movement. Those kept away from the field of dreams because its too hard to get in will come from all around. They WILL come. Many will love the chaps in uniform. An ancient approach in a new medium backed by the authenticity of decadent jam....More will come for fewer days!....MORE WILL COME...MORE WILL BE SAVED....MORE JAM WILL BE REQUIRED


Off to iron a shirt now...must remember to only use an authentic iron that is cast iron and heated on direct flames before applying to clothes. I dont trust the new fangled 'I-rons' (they use electricity and I dont trust what I cant see)...after all why should I? After that i will go to work in my horse and cart as those internal combustion engines are the work of the devil.......

Any resemblance of this blog to issues of sanity and reverence are purely coincidental

Rob Thomas


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