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Appointed Person For First Aid

EMT is proud of the fact that we led the way in modernising first aid training in the UK with this course which now has over 10,000 very happy customers. We are widely used by trusted brands such as the Bodyshop and BUPA. If your risk assessment concludes that you don't need to be a full First Aider, this course will quickly take the pain out of compliance. This is the original online course, which is the most comprehensive in the UK today. It is a fact that we are the first aid game changer

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What does this course teach?

Rapid, highly effective, compliance for small businesses. This course gives you an undiluted coverage of the syllabus outlined. Learning compression, a feature of eLearning little understood by many in this industry allows learning time to be shortened from a classroom setting. This is a well established and well researched phenomenon.

This online course is designed for smaller workplaces, where a risk assessment concludes that an Appointed Person is required to take charge in the event of an illness or accident. Whilst not a mandatory part of the course we have added our Basic Life Support/CPR module to contribute to knowledge in this area. We encourage all of our learners to have hands on practice with a manikin in line with prevailing national guidelines.

Who should subscribe to this course?

For business owners who want to be legally compliant with First Aid regulations. If you don't need a full First Aider then this course will give you rapid, convenient and robust compliance. It is also very valuable for families or if you just want to find out more about common life saving techniques. You can start your course in minutes of subscribing.

Course content

Appointed Person consists of the following steps, which should be performed sequentially:

  1. Health and safety (first aid) regulations
  2. Managing an incident
  3. The priorities of First Aid
  4. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  5. Treatment of an unconscious casualty
  6. Control of haemorrhage – Bleeding
  7. Shock
  8. Common workplace injuries

Course section list

Section Duration
What is an Appointed Person? 2:51
The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 9:11
First Aid Kits & Facilities 6:41
First Aid Part 1 8:21
First Aid Part 2 6:28
Infection Control 3:57
The 6 step hand washing technique 3:03
Decontamination Procedures 5:37
Choking 8:43
Common Types of Wound 5:52
Bleeding Part 1 10:34
Bleeding Part 2 3:57
Miscellaneous Bleeding 8:57
Introduction to CPR 4:30
Danger 3:48
Response 1:26
Shout For Help 0:40
Airway 1:25
Breathing 5:10
Call 999/112 2:06
Circulation 2:06
Two Rescue Breaths 7:50

Course duration and certification

The Appointed Person For First Aid course video material last for approximately 110 minutes. To gain your course certificate, you must pass an end of course test, consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is set at 80%.

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