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Manual Handling in the Workplace

Our Manual Handling course is designed primarily for preventing injuries to those involved in Factory, Office and Construction settings. It covers an introduction to manual handling, appropriate legislation, and the structure of the spine together with the importance of correct posture, risk assessments and finally how adopting correct manual handling techniques can minimise risks of injury.

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What does this course teach?

Almost no occupation is free of risk from back pain. Those people who are involved in Factory, Office and Construction settings have a high rate of cumulative back injuries. Their job involves a great deal of bending, stooping and manual lifting. It is therefore important that adequate training is given to ensure that the risk of a back injury is minimized

  • Explain the role of relevant legislation relating to safer moving and handling
  • Understand the implications of incorrect manual handling and the possible injuries
  • Understand how the spine works and how important correct techniques and posture are in minimising injury
  • Explain how and when to undertake a manual handling risk assessment
  • Use a safe system of work whilst moving and handling

Who should subscribe to this course?

This course is ideal for any individuals who are involved with the manual handling or movement in a Factory, Office or Construction environment

Course content

Manual Handling in the Workplace consists of the following steps, which should be performed sequentially:

  1. An overview of the main legislation relevant to Manual Handling
  2. Anatomy and function of the spine
  3. How incorrect manual handling can cause injuries
  4. Understanding the implications of poor technique
  5. The role of risk assessments
  6. How to use a safe system of work whilst moving and handling

Course section list

Section Duration
Manual Handling Law 1 10:11
Manual Handling Law 2 1:59
The Spine 7:49
The Spine & Good Practice 10:11
Good Posture & Safe Practice 3:43
Manual Handling Risks 10:45
Safe Lifting Techniques 11:02
Kinetic Lifting Techniques 7:57

Course duration and certification

The Manual Handling in the Workplace course video material last for approximately 60 minutes and contains 3 multiple choice tests which must be passed in order to proceed with the course. To gain your course certificate you must complete the course, and pass the 3 tests. The pass marks are set at 75%.

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